Achilles is a Chimera from Lorien and sent by Five's biological parents to protect him.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Appearance Edit

Being a Chimæra, Achilles has a variety of forms including that of his original form. After arriving on earth, however, his prefer form is that of a large wolf-dog with icy blue eyes and a coat of jet black fur covering his entire body aside from a large patch of fur on his chest that forms a white cross-like shape along with the bottom of his jaw being white.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Shapeshifting- Like all Chimæra's, Achilles is naturally able to change his form and shapeshift into any Loric or Earth-based animal form he wants. He generally takes on more alien-like forms in comparison to other chimæra when in combat.

Transformations Edit

  • Wolf-Dog - Achilles 'neutral form',
  • Giant feline-like Loric Beast (Lorien/Natural form) -
  • Lupine/Reptilian-like Loric Beast -
  • Avian/Reptilian-like Loric Beast -
  • Giant girdled lizard -

Trivia Edit

  • Three of his forms are based off alien creatures from movies such as a Thanator from Avatar, a Hellhound from the Chronicles of Riddick, and a Banshee from Avatar
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