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At eighteen years old, Jessica is Scottish-American and is often noticed for her looks with Fiving thinking of her as "rather beautiful" and Nine describing her as "a total hottie." She takes a lot of her appearance from her mother with matching lower back-length, straight red hair with a vibrant orange tint and fair skin. Unlike her mothers green eyes, her eyes are dark brown with noticeable golden flecks. She has bottom heavy, shell-pink lips and stands at 5'4" which makes her slightly taller than a couple of her friends. Jessica has a athletic, slender yet curvy physique with a body that has "curves in all the right places"; large round breasts, a small waist, and rounded hips. After a couple months of training, she gained a light layer of lean muscle

In terms of fashion sense, she tends to wear more comfortable and relaxed yet off-beat and stylish clothing. This often includes black or dark blue denim jeans with similar colored t-shirts and Converse sneakers or combat boots. For cold weather, she wears hoodies and jackets that are sometimes military styled with boots. She tends to wear more fashionable clothing that are more form fitting and heels for special occasions or formal events.

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As a human of Garde descent, Jessica didn't initially possess any legacies as Henri once told Four that those born from a Loric and Human relationship don't develop any though they are exceptional and gifted. After The Entity awoke on earth, however, she was given Legacies to help defend Earth.

  • Pyrokinesis- Jessica developed and manifested this legacy in anger which allows her to create and control fire.  
  • Force Field Generation- A legacy that is able to create a barrier for protection, Jessica first manifestation of this was after finding out she was pregnant as a way to protect herself and her unborn daughter.

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Originally a human of Loric descent, Jessica is noted to be exceptionally gifted by human standards which is contributed by Henri who once said that while humans born from a Loric and Human relationship lack legacies, they are exceptionally gifted.

  • Firearms Training: Growing up under the care of her father who was a retired marine, Jessica
  • Moderate Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

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