Number Five, also called Alex or his loric name Khal, is the fifth of the ten Loric children who escaped from Lorien when the Mogadorian's invaded and is the Fifth Elder. He is also in a relationship with the Human-Garde Jessica Angela and has a daughter.

Biography Edit

Birth and Childhood Edit

Born to the Lorien Elder Chilon and Garde Daniella, Five, originally named Khal, was born the first of two children as the oldest brother of Number Two. Like many other Garde children, he was raised alongside his sister by their grandparents while their parents were training to master their legacies. At some point, it was eventually discovered that both Five and Two were chosen by the planet Lorien to be part of the next generation of Elders.

Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien Edit

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Appearance Edit

A lean young man at 6'2" with russet skin, tousled raven black hair, a clean-shaven face and a voice described as "strong and confident", Five at eighteen years old is noted by Elaine to look much like his father including good looks. He has gained the attention of several girls with Jessica describing him as "very handsome" and himself noted that he often had no problems when it came to girls. He has a well-built and athletically toned physique with a muscular build, broad shoulders, and well-built arms from his time training throughout the years. Having complete heterochromia eyes, he inherited both of his parents eye colors as his left eye is blue and his right green. Like the remaining Garde, his left ankle has a small scar similar to his amulet as a result of the Loridas Charm while his right ankle has four circular scars that signaled the death of the others.

Personality Edit

Five often times excludes a strong and confident demeanor about him as he isn't one to falter when faced with a certain situation. He is somewhat short-tempered and while he tries his best to keep his temper in check from exploding without provocation, he is prone to snapping if he is pushed to far which has caused his dislike of several others such as Nine.

Legacies and Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

As a member of the Loric, Five naturally possesses physical enhancements such as strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, endurance, and heightened senses that makes him naturally superior to Humans. According Elaine, his physical abilities are more developed than those of many other Garde which she stated that his father was similar and he has proven to be stronger than the majority of the other Garde children while being evenly matched with Nine.

  • Enhanced Strength: With particularly notable strength even by regular Loric standards, Five is extremely strong; even as a child, he possessed a high degree of strength to crumple a metal pole with little difficulty and lift a car and support it with one hand at fifteen years old.
  • Enhanced Durability and Endurance: As a Loric, Five is much more durable and resistant to blunt force injuries than a human. He was able to jump from the roof of the house he and Elaine were living in and later on from the top of a waterfall and land on his feet with no injuries. After being sent flying through a solid brick wall, he felt a dull ache throughout his body but wasn't injured in any significant way.
  • Enhanced Speed: As a Loric, Five can run much faster than humans who he described as "being to slow for him."
  • Enhanced Agility/Reflexes: As a Loric, Five's agility and reflexes are enhanced to levels that allow him to perform various feats that humans would either find difficult to perform without training or outright impossible.
  • Enhanced Senses: Five senses of senses of sight, hearing, and touch are amplified to a degree that humans are unable to have. He is able to not only see across long distances but he can also see well enough in the dark that he is able to make out the movements of others though he has admitted to not being able to see as well as Number Seven/Marina with her Noxen legacy. Also, Five has a very heightened sense of hearing as he has stated that he can tell if he is being lied based on the pace of a persons heart beat.

Legacies Edit

Five, like all the Garde possesses several Legacies such as Telekinesis, Avex, Temperature Manipulation, Glacen, Pyrokinesis, Rapid Regeneration and Telepathy. It was noted by Elaine that his legacies began developing at a particularly young age in comparison to other Garde

  • Telekinesis- A Legacy common to every Garde, Telekinesis is the first one that Five developed a month after turning eleven while living in **** and typically uses it through hand gestures as he finds it easier this way though he is fully capable of using the legacy without any movement on his part. He is also arguably the strongest out of the remaining five Garde in terms of skill and raw power as a result of having more time to train with the legacy and developing it further than the others. During its first manifestations, he was already strong enough to instinctively send an adult flying through the air
  • Jfo6
    Avex- This Legacy is one that Five discovered after moving to Washington and one he tends to rely on to get around since it's development as it allows him to not only levitate but also fly at supersonic speeds. It first manifested after a dream Five had of flying on Lorien and woke up to find himself floating several inches above his bed only to fall down. He initially dismissed it as an unconscious use of Telekinesis though Elaine's insistence that is was a possible sign of a new legacy forming led to him going through training.  
  • Temperature Manipulation- Five is able to create and control extreme temperature changes which he discovered during the formation of the second scar, causing the temperature in his room to drop to the point that the entire area became covered in a layer of frost. He later discovered the heat aspect of the Legacy sometime after this during an argument with Elaine when he caused . By the time he turned eighteen, he gained much more control of the Legacy . After revealing his alien status to Jessica, Temperature Manipulation was one of the three legacies he showed her aside from Telekinesis and Avex. He did this by first freezing water and turning it into snow then . He is also able to use this legacy in a more defensive and offensive manner such as when he froze an large section of street while being chased by Mogadorian's and projected a wave of heat
    • Glacen- Described as being a natural extension of his thermokinesis, Five's Glacen allows him to manipulate and create ice
      • He can use this legacy to create beautiful ice displays that looks like ice crystals bursting from a small point, and then falling like snow. He can also make snowballs by pouring water into his hand, then rolling it over and freezing it.
    • Pyrokinesis- Much like his Glacen, Five's Pyrokinesis is an extension of his thermokinesis
    • He can also shoot continuous bursts and streams of fire in a flamethrower-like fashion
  • Rapid Regeneration- The second Legacy to develop after Telekinesis, Five is able to rapidly heal and regenerate from various wounds and injuries at a faster rate than others. He was able to heal from a gash on his arm in several seconds and recover from broken bones after they were snapped back into place.
  • Telepathy-

Fighting Styles Edit

  • Skilled Combatant: While living most of his life on earth, Five underwent training with Elaine
  • Having spent most of his life training while on Earth, Five is a highly capable fighter and is well-versed in different forms of fighting including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, American Kenpo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. He is capable of using his legacies for an offensive manner. His skill as a fighter allowed him to hold his own against Number Six and Nine and give them a difficult time. Five could also use his legacies for both defense and offense.

Miscellaneous Abilities Edit

  • Multilingualism: As a result of spending a majority of his life moving from place to place, Five has learned several languages including Spanish, Hawaiian,
  • First Aid:
  • Cooking: Despite living on the run, Five has shown several times to be an adept cook. He makes burgers that (according to Elaine) are delicious. Jessica also is a fan of Alexander's cooking.

Equipment Edit

  • Loric Chest: As one of the nine Garde, Five was given a Loric Chest prior to his and the others evacuation from Lorien that contains his inheritance.
    • Leather Hidden Blade- A leather sleeve that fits on the wielder's arm and extends a blade from its sheath. This is the first item that Five was given after opening his chest for the first time and he used it for a time before he eventually gave it to Jessica
    • Unknown Weapon- A black, metallic cylinder-shaped baton that is four and a half feet long, it is extremely versatile as it is capable of forming into various configurations from both ends of the handle such as a single blade or double-bladed sword with the handle being able to be separated, a spear with one end lengthening into a longer shaft, etc.
    • Lorien Crystal- A perfectly smooth stone tied with the Gardes legacies, Five's Lorien Crystal is oval in shape and an mixture of blue and red in comparison to the one in Fours possession. While being connected to his Temperature Manipulation legacy, it possesses a similar effect in that it helps spread his resistance to heat and cold throughout his entire body.
    • Macrocosm (Glass Orbs)- Seven glass orbs of varying sizes that, when either softly blown on or shined on with Lumen, act as Lorien's solar system. They display the current condition of the planets or what it looked like before the attack and can merge together to act as a macrocosm of Earth to locate other Garde's on the planet if their chests are open or hear those who have a Red Crystal.
    • Red Crystal- A small, red crystal described as being 'warm and tingly' to the touch that is to be paired with another Garde's macrocosm which glows when a macrocosm is in orbit; similar to walkie-talkies, the crystal allows him to speak to another Garde with an operating macrocosm and lets those who possess a macrocosm hear him.
    • Healing Stone- A small, very dark black stone that is able to heal almost any injury inflicted with the intent to hurt or kill, and must be used promptly after infliction, and also causes twice the pain of the original injury during the healing process. Works on both humans and Loric.
    • Phoenix Stone-

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  • Five is a fan of rap and heavy metal music. He particularly likes Eminem.
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